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Welcome to my campaign website! I am running for OMC Hospital Commissioner, District 2, At Large position. I look forward to earning your vote. 

I currently am a licensed nursing home administrator with a master's degree in social work and a certificate in geriatric mental health. Please scroll down to learn a bit more about what I do in my work, and how I can add a new perspective to the board of commissioners.


First, a little about me and my family.... 


I am married for nearly 30 years to my husband Bill Jeffers (Sequim High graduate, class of '87). Our daughter, Julia, is 15 and attends Sequim High School and will be starting the running start program at Peninsula College this fall. I grew up in Battle Ground, WA, and moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. We moved from Seattle to Sequim in 2003 to care for my husbands elderly parents, to be near my family (who already lived in Sequim) and to raise our daughter. 

I have not only worked in healthcare the entire time I’ve lived in Clallam County, but I have spent the last 18 years navigating our hospital system as a family member and primary support person for many family members who were patients - my mother and father-in-law, my grandmother & grandfather, my mother, and even both my husband and my daughter. 

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As a nursing home administrator, I have a proven track record of increasing quality outcomes in each facility I have run. In records time, I led the quality improvement efforts of my facility from a 1 star to 5 star status from Medicare, putting my facility in the top 15% of the state. 

This means that I have the experience & knowledge of reviewing quality measures data, performing root cause analysis, implementing performance improvement strategies with measureable goals, and providing ongoing monitoring & review of progress. Our hospital system has opportunities for improvement, and my experience will add some unique relevant expertise to the current board to help drive quality improvement and oversight. I am not afraid to ask questions, start some important conversations, or take a risk with new ideas. 

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I am passionate about patient safety, and I believe there is always room for improvement. Improving patient safety involves (but is not limited to):

  • reducing hospital readmissions & ER visits

  • improving transitions of care

  • reducing adverse drug events

  • minimizing hospital-acquired infections

  • reducing / minimizing adverse events (ie: falls, pressure sores, etc)

These are all areas I have knowledge in, I have a focus on, and I have proven success in reducing risk to improve safer outcomes. 


In my years working as a hospital social worker in hospitals and nursing homes, I am well aware of the challenges there are to overcome to ensure safe discharges for patients when leaving the hospital. I am well versed and knowledgeable of the services available, challenges with those services, and I have a solid understanding of government payers (Medicare / Medicaid / VA) coverage and requirements. I can contribute additional insight and ideas to the board that would contribute to solutions to the challenges of our local hospital. 



As a nursing home administrator, I understand the challenges of increased expenses, increased regulatory requirements, and inadequate funding. Cost control is vital with such small margins. I have experience in writing budgets, forecasting outcomes, strategic planning, and mitigating threats to reimbursements. This means that I will be able to contribute to the board in ways my opponent won't be able to.

Fiscal responsibility includes managing for quality and removing unnecessary costs. This is something I do every day in order for my facility to survive financially, even before the pandemic hit driving expenses even higher. With my experience, I can be a great asset if looking for more opportunities to improve OMC's financial outcomes.


Additionally, I have participated in many legislative efforts advocating for increased reimbursements from Medicaid to cover the cost of care. I have good relationships with our legislators and am not afraid to participate in those conversations necessary to advocate for increased funding and reimbursements. 


As Your Commissioner, I will fight for:

  • Better access to our hospital system

  • Continued improvement in the care received at the hospital

  • Safer transitions across levels of care

  • Affordable hospital costs

  • Greater accountability of your tax dollars

  • Providing services that best serve the interest of our citizens. 

I believe everyone deserves the best quality of care that is truly affordable and accessible without having to leave our peninsula. As a licensed Administrator, I maintain a commitment to setting high standards for the quality of care provided to our elderly, loved ones and patients recovering from major illnesses.
I have countless proven results, including leading a facility from 1 star to a coveted 5 star rating from Medicare in January 2021 in record time.  
I have experience implementing countless policy and regulatory changes required in response to COVID-19 in efforts of preventing an outbreak in my facility. 
As a social worker, I have served the poor, the elderly, the young and those who have the greatest needs. 
I am an 18 year resident of our community with over 20 years’ experience as a proven and recognized leader in health care. I would be proud to serve as your hospital commissioner.

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